Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saleng Zoo, Kulai

Saleng Zoo

Now, it's time for the travel post instead of food! The second, we went to Saleng Zoo, a private zoo located at Saleng, near to Kulai. From what I know, this zoo was opened by a businessman. It is a private zoo, so, you will expect less animals compared to National Zoo or even Johor Zoo. However, you can see a lot of tigers and lions here! The number of tigers and lions here is more than other zoos. I am not sure how the management is going to survive by feeding the tigers and lions everyday. The entrance fee is RM15.00 for adult and RM8.00 for child. The opening hour is from 9.30AM until 7.00PM. The entrance fee is a bit high but considering the cost they need to operate this zoo, I think it's worth the price as they have a lot tigers and lions. However, the aunty at the ticket selling counter is good enough to give a discount, FREE one head charge. We went in a group of 9 but she said pay for 8 people since we asked if there is any student price.

Ticket price and opening hoursMosquitoes Repellent (RM1.50)

NOTE: Please bring enough mosquitoes repellents because there is a lot of mosquitoes inside. However, the aunty is good enough to tell us and asked us to buy the repellent at the price of RM1.50 per packet. One packet can be used for two persons. But it is recommended to buy more.

The first thing you will see after the entrance is the rabbits. They are so cute that they will share the food together, one biting the other end, the other one will bite the other end. You can carry the rabbits and take pictures as well, but since I don't dare, so I don't carry any. Please carry the rabbit by its ears, not neck.

RabbitsI'm feeding them!So cute!

Then, there is this Arapaima Gigas (Ikan Arapaima in Malay language), a kind of huge fish from Amazon River, South America. The youngest is 15 years old and the oldest is 17 years old, if I am not mistaken, at the zoo. The local called it, the Dragon Fish.

Ikan Arapaima
Their weight can reach about 280KG and the length can reach about 16 feet. The life span is about 20 years. They need 2KG of small fish daily for each Arapaima Gigas.

Arapaima GigasThe fact of Arapaima GigasIt's kinda big!

The next dinasour you can find in the zoo is the Long Life Tortoise. According to the zoo, is the longest animal in the world, available at the North America. The weight can reach 180KG and the life span is about 200 years.

Giant tortoise
Whose hand is that?

Besides that, there are crocodiles from Malaysia and Thailand but they look just the same. You can see ostrich, goat, peacock, turkey, horses, African Ox, monkey, porcupine, bear and many more in the zoo.

Crocodile Peacock Turkey

Goat OstrichHorse

Baby ostrich(if not mistaken) African Ox Momma ostrich

Porcupine Bear Monkey

Around 50% of the zoo is occupied by tigers and lions. You can see a lot of tigers from small to big and lions as well. The tigers have their own name and they can actually recognized their caretaker. My whole time in the zoo, I didn't hear any roars neither from the tigers nor lions. But, when we were about to leave, we can actually hear some roars from distance away. The poor thing is, there is a market next to the home of tigers selling meat but they cannot go shopping as they are locked in the cage.


Please do not touch the lioness! No touching, please!Baby tiger (Cub)

"I'm gonna get you!" LionTiger

The day I went to zoo was a rainy day. My friends and I were caught in the rain and we had to hide under the hut in the zoo. In the zoo, some parts are kinda smelly because of the tiger's poop. Since that day was a rainy day, so it is kinda wet.

The peaceful scenery

Name of the Place: Saleng Zoo
Entrance Fee: RM15 (Adult), RM8 (Child)
Location: Saleng, Johor (Near Kulai)
GPS Coordinate: N01° 37.985' E103° 37.844'
Rating: 4/5

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alamak!! u cannot differentiate even tigress and lion wor~~ =="

I am a boy said...

hahaha! sorry for my ignorance! i got mix up! is it correct now? i am not sure too! thanks ya anyway!

Benedict said...

bring me leh pek

I am a boy said...

Ben: if you like tigers or lions, then ok. coz not much animals there... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

kinda sad look them in the cage..they belongs 2 be free...

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